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The game against Barrington 24.06.22 has now been postponed for the moment.

Fred Pearman Trophy 2022

After missing a year in 2020, we were able to play the 25th anniversary of our much loved friendly Fred Pearman Trophy match last weekend (11.06.22).

The weather was hot and there was another great atmosphere between both the Press and Longstanton. The match was played in good spirits and enjoyed by everyone.

The Press were the winners this year and regaining the trophy after our loss last year.

This is always a special occasion for both clubs and again, Fred’s son Malcolm was able to be there to watch the match. We always look forward to this fixture and hope to play many more in the future.

Competitions update.

Geoff and Denise Emery progressed to the quarter finals of the Business House Mixed Pairs competition yesterday (12.06.22). Congratulations.

Geoff Emery and Gino Miceli won their first round of the Cambs and District Men’s Pairs competition 16-10, against a pair from Isleham last week. (13.06.22)

Peter Murfitt and Andrea Lorenz will also be in action this Saturday in the Cambs and District Mixed Pairs.

We wish all our players in competitions, the best of luck.





Player Availability

Our method of signing up for matches has changed slightly for 2022. The following is the instructions for accessing and using the document.


Firstly click on this link to access the dropbox service.

When using this system you will always be given the option to create an account or sign in.

Please always use the sign in option using the following credentials:

E-mail              [email protected]

Password        CUP1234        [note – CUP is upper case)

Whenever using these credentials you will be offered the option for them to be saved. This is not a mandatory requirement but feel free to save them if you wish.

If you do not save the credentials the password will always be included in the instructions in this e-mail and on the website. Please never attempt to re-set the password yourself as it will mean that nobody else can sign in.

Once you are presented with the availability form please click on “OPEN” and then select “Excel for the web”

You should now be able to click on whichever date/game and enter either Y for available or N for not available.

Immediately following your input of Y or N you will need to click the enter key – the selection will then turn either green for Y or red for N.

Once you have finished entering your details you can simply just close down the web browser tab.

Team Sheets

Team sheets for the coming games can be viewed through the website.

Each league has a folder and the team sheets are dated and labelled with the opponents. If for some reason this doesn’t seem to be working, please let me (Matt) know.

Simply click the text below and select which league and game you wish to view.


Rink booking system

In order to book a rink at the bowls club, you will need to make a reservation on the booking sheet.


To do this you will need to check the availability of rinks by viewing the booking sheet by CLICKING HERE.

Then, send an E-mail to myself via this address [email protected]

Please include the date/time and the number of the rink you wish to book. Also, let us know the full names of everyone attending the session for track and trace purposes.

This information will then be entered into the booking sheet. Use the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to view other months.

Social Media

Don’t forget you can follow us and keep up with the latest news and results via our social media pages.

Facebook: @cupbowlsclub

Twitter: @cupbowlsclub

New Members

Here at the C.U.P Bowls Club we actively encourage new members to come and try the sport of lawn bowls.

We at the C.U.P provide a friendly, welcoming environment where beginners are encouraged and taught the basics and more experienced bowlers can develop their game, all with the option to enter county and national competitions.

We have sets of bowls and other equipment for bowlers to come and practice with. The only thing you need is flat shoes.

Want to try something new? Try bowls!