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AGM 18.10.21

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Monday the 18th of October.

It will begin at 7pm in the evening.

Hope to see you all there.


Matt Thomson

CUP BC Secretary

Team Sheets

Team sheets for the coming games can be viewed through the website.

Each league has a folder and the team sheets are dated and labelled with the opponents. If for some reason this doesn’t seem to be working, please let me (Matt) know.

Simply click the text below and select which league and game you wish to view.


Player Availability

This season, members will need indicate their availability for Cambs and District matches, through the website.


To do so, follow the instructions below.

To indicate your availability.

  1. Click the link above. This will bring up the schedule of fixtures for the C&D.
  2. Hover over your name.
  3. Click the pencil to the right of your name.
  4. Add ticks to your selection or uncheck any games which you now cannot attend.
  5. Click ‘Update’ in the bottom right hand corner.

Rink booking system

In order to book a rink at the bowls club, you will need to make a reservation on the booking sheet.


To do this you will need to check the availability of rinks by viewing the booking sheet by CLICKING HERE.

Then, send an E-mail to myself via this address [email protected]

Please include the date/time and the number of the rink you wish to book. Also, let us know the full names of everyone attending the session for track and trace purposes.

This information will then be entered into the booking sheet. Use the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to view other months.

Guidance for COVID security at CUP matches.

In order to keep us as safe as possible when handling equipment, we have been working with Cambs and County to come up with some protocol for sanitising equipment before and after matches.


Rinks will be spaced out as far as possible. We will make full use of the space on the banks alongside the end rinks. There must be a maximum of 24 players on the green and unfortunately, until advised otherwise, spectators are not allowed.

Face coverings are to be worn when Entering the Outdoor Pavilion, because social distancing e.g. 2-metre rule, cannot be guaranteed

A Sanitise station is available just inside the Pavilion on the 1st Table.

Players are to arrive dressed ready to play, except for bowls shoes.
Please remember to take all of your belongings home at the end of your game, no bowls bags or clothing are to be left at the club.

As part of setting up the green all equipment to be used will be sanitised. Only a max of two club members should carry out this activity within the pavilion before the equipment is passed out from the pavilion. This procedure will operate in reverse when it is time to pack equipment away after the game.

Each rink will operate with two jacks (one white – home team and one yellow – away team). Four mats per rink, (two blue – home team and two yellow – away team). Only leads are allowed to touch these.

Scoreboards – Only CUP Skips are tasked with keeping these up to date (on every odd numbered end plus the final end).

One metre measuring sticks are required and our rule is that only CUP players can use them. Should measuring be necessary, players must use their own measure.

Use of pushers will not be encouraged but may be made available upon request and their use is at the discretion of individuals.

The club house at Cambs and County will be shut until at least 17th There is a single toilet and hand wash/sanitise facilities available in the pavilion.

As a catch-all, if at any time during a game an issue is raised, the CUP skip on the rink will advise or consult a member of the CUP Committee for further advice.

At home matches we will expect visiting teams to follow our rules in the same way that we will respect the rules and regulations of our hosts when we are playing away.

Scorecards will be kept as a record of attendance in case of anyone contracting Covid and if so, any player concerned must inform the CUPBC Secretary as soon as possible.

2021 Rink Fee Voucher System

This season, rink fees remain at £2.50 per match. However, to limit the transfer of cash at every match, we are using a voucher system to pay for rink fees.

Before every match, each player will hand over a voucher to their Skip.

Players will be able to purchase vouchers from Matt Thomson before a match. Players will be encouraged to purchase a block of vouchers to cover a series of matches rather than singly.

Players can pay for the blocks by either cash or cheque (please note that when purchasing vouchers with cash no change can be given)

If a player has any vouchers left over at the end of the season these will be honored in the 2022 season.


We hope this system will be pretty straight forward, if you have any queries, please contact Matt Thomson.

Social Media

Don’t forget you can follow us and keep up with the latest news and results via our social media pages.

Facebook: @cupbowlsclub

Twitter: @cupbowlsclub

New Members

Here at the C.U.P Bowls Club we actively encourage new members to come and try the sport of lawn bowls.

We at the C.U.P provide a friendly, welcoming environment where beginners are encouraged and taught the basics and more experienced bowlers can develop their game, all with the option to enter county and national competitions.

We have sets of bowls and other equipment for bowlers to come and practice with. The only thing you need is flat shoes.

Want to try something new? Try bowls!