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Plans for the 2021 Season

After the unfortunate events of 2020 that put a stop to much of the competitive outdoor bowling, plans are underway to try and get going in 2021.

Many of the leagues and competitions are being rolled over and will run much as they would have done this season.

Obviously, competitions such as our Open Triples will be unlikely to go ahead as it is difficult to plan for the situation in the new season. However, we hope that bowls will resume in some form.

We wish all bowlers good health over the winter and hope to see you all in the New Year.

Indoor Rink Booking

The way to book an indoor rink at Cambs and County has changed. All the information you need can be found below.


  • Bookings must be made by email (see email address below).
  • Bookings must be made no later than 48 hours in advance of session.
  • No more than 6 people to use the rink at one time.
  • Please observe social distancing rules in place.
  • Full guidance of COVID changes at the club can be found by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the booking sheet.
  • By booking a rink it is assumed that you will have read the latest club guidance on COVID changes.


How to book an indoor rink at Cambs and County:

1. Check the availability of rinks on the booking sheet. This will be available on the Cambs and County website and alternatively you can CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE BOOKING SHEET

2. Find the slot you want and note the DATE and TIME. (Match times will be blocked out for leagues and competitions).

3. Email with the DATE, TIME and the LEAD BOOKERS NAME and your booking will be added to the sheet.

To cancel your booking please send a cancelation email to the above address.

Restricted reopening of the green.

The bowls green has now re-opened but inevitably there are some key changes to the way things operate.

At present, Bowls England guidelines state that you can only take part in bowls activities by yourself, or with members of your household or with no more than 5 other people outside of your household, as long as you are able to maintain social distancing.”


Expanded guidance including Frequently Asked Questions CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. 


The main building at Cambs. & County is closed.


Everything will operate from the Outdoor Pavilion and there is a new key safe to the left of the door. Details of the code will be notified to members separately upon booking a rink.


There’s a lot of Red & White tape in the Outdoor Pavilion. Please don’t break it or practice your limbo, getting under it.


On the table as you go in there are mats and Jacks alongside all the cleaning equipment. Please clean the mats and jacks thoroughly before you use them and when you return them to the pavilion.

Please do not take any equipment away with you when you leave.


Rink fees are to be paid at £2.50 per head using the envelopes on the table. Please write on the envelope names of all the bowlers and mark it clearly as CUP.

Please put the envelope in the main building letter box as you leave.


There is 1 toilet available which has got wipes and bleach provided. There is also more by the hand basin. Please do not put the wipes down the toilet as they could block the pipes.


Booking a rink. The paper sheet on the board has been replaced by a electronic system – see further below.


The car parking system remains in operation. Car number plate details of all CUP bowlers have been checked against your latest club registration return but if you are unsure please contact Matt Thomson –


Booking a rink.

1. To view available booking slots, PLEASE CLICK HERE

2. To reserve a slot please send a request to stating your name and the date and time required.

Please note, you cannot make a reservation for the current day.

3. Once the rink has been booked it will appear on the booking sheet and you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


Corona Virus – Update

Covid-19 (Corona virus)

So far, with regards to the 2020 season, we know that the County Triples and all county league. Cambs & District and the Business House matches have been cancelled.

Following recent guidance from the UK government, families from the same household can play sport together. Additionally, as part of daily exercise, it is possible to meet up with up to five people from a different household so long as social distancing is observed.

The green is now undergoing a restricted reopening and further details of this can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Expect further announcements as more information becomes available.

Matt Thomson

Club Secretary

Player availability

In addition to the usual red book that circulates after every match, this season, members have the option to indicate their availability for County League and Cambs and District matches, through the website.


To do so, follow the link/instructions below.

To enter your availability.

  1. Click the link above. This will bring up the schedule of fixtures for CL and C&D.
  2. Click the ‘+’ next to participants and enter your name.
  3. Tick the games for which you are available for.
  4. Click ‘Send’.

To change your availability.

  1. Click the link above. This will bring up the schedule of fixtures for CL and C&D.
  2. Click the pencil next to your name.
  3. Add ticks to your selection or uncheck any games which you now cannot attend.
  4. Click ‘Update’.

Team Sheets

Team sheets for the coming games can be viewed through the website.

Each league has a folder and the team sheets are dated and labelled with the opponents. If for some reason this doesn’t seem to be working, please let me (Matt) know.

Simply click the text below and select which league and game you wish to view.


New Members

Here at the C.U.P Bowls Club we actively encourage new members to come and try the sport of lawn bowls.

We at the C.U.P provide a friendly, welcoming environment where beginners are encouraged and taught the basics and more experienced bowlers can develop their game, all with the option to enter county and national competitions.

We have sets of bowls and other equipment for bowlers to come and practice with. The only thing you need is flat shoes.

Want to try something new? Try bowls!


The last couple of seasons have been a great time of technical advances for the C.U.P. Our website is now live for all the information you need over the season, credit to RedGraphic for the design. We also have our social media pages up and running for all to use for any additional information. These also offer an option for new members to contact us.

Find us on Facebook at:

Or follow us on Twitter: @cupbowlsclub